What is the purpose of a Greenhouse Structure?

A greenhouse is a structure that is used to grow plants in an environment that is controlled to be warmer, but not hot. This helps the plants grow faster and healthier.

There are many different types of greenhouses that serve different purposes. Some are used for commercial purposes and others for personal use. One type of greenhouse is the cold frame, which can be used to extend the growing season by providing a place where plants can be started earlier in the year or protected later in the year

You can design a customize greenhouse that is designed to grow plants in an environment with controlled environmental conditions.

A Greenhouse is a structure that is designed to grow plants in an environment with controlled environmental conditions.

Advantages of Greenhouse

Coming to the advantages, there is the importance of greenhouse farming which proves the fact as to why they have gained so much importance.

  • Greenhouses need a lot less irrigation than normal farming as it traps moisture.
  • Reduces the duration of cropping and increases the quality of crops too.
  • The temperature and humidity are very effectively controlled as per the requirement of the plants.
  • If growing high-value crops is what you are into, greenhouses are the way to go.
  • Through greenhouses, it is possible to grow off-season crops as well.
  • Educated youth can create opportunities for self-employment through the usage of greenhouses.
  • Pests are very easily controlled.
  • It is very versatile as crops can be grown in various climatic conditions.
  • Greenhouse structures provide protection from animals who might eat or destroy crops.

Helpful note

Now, these are the types of plants and flowers that are grown in the greenhouse:

  • When it comes to fruits, mainly papaya, strawberry, and alike are growing.
  • In vegetables, tomato, capsicum (colored and normal), Cucumber, cauliflower, radish, chili, okra, cabbage, coriander, and alike are growing.
  • Rose, marigolds, orchids, Garbera flowers, sunflowers, etc, are grown.