Kitchen Garden

This is a climate and irrigation control computer based system for green house growers for flowers and vegetable crops. This program can control the heating and cooling of the water and air in different zones.

WHY SHOULD WE USE Kitchen Garden

There are many advantages to growing your own food, With Keisha Greens Now You can grow vegetables in your small apartment, Garden & Terrace, or in the spare bedrooms as long as you have some spaces.

  • Possible in smallest balconies of urban areas or even indoor.
  • Fewer Efforts & Clean Vegetables that can be grown indoor as well
  • Nurture a healthy Lifestyle through
  • Much higher nutritional contents of greenhouse vegetables
  • Inculcating healthy eating habits in Children
  • Herbs are detoxifying + 24×7 access to fresh herbs
  • Further income opportunities



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grow food at home with very less efforts

Upgrade your Unused Spaces into an Organic Vegetable Cultivation Area

Utilize your garden space

Garden is a best place for small greenhouse, With this greenhouse integrated into your garden, you can grow your own healthy food all year round and keep your vegetables fresh. Grow your own food, naturally. Say no to pesticides with these greenhouses. It’s easy to install and personalized to suit your garden space and needs.

utilize your Terrace space

  • Terrace no more being a useless space. We Provide customizable Greenhouse which can be installed on Terrace,  to grow your own food. Your Terrace’s can be used for making fresh healthy fruits & vegetables. It will help you stay healthy and save you money at the grocery store! With a Greenhouse, your Terrace will never be the same again!

Utilize Parking Space & Balcony Space

  • Here, You can grow your plants with two different methods-Hydroponic & Cocopeat grow bag method.  A hydroponic system works by removing the soil out of the equation & replacing it with high-quality nutrient water. With Cocopeat grow bag method, The nutrient solution the plants are provided with is normally 100 % organic, made from the highest quality cocopeat nutrients.
  • Is you have an underground parking space, than you have to install UV light for your plants. it can speed up the germination process for starting seeds. As growers transplant seedlings to more intense light sources, UV strengthens the plants, better preparing them for high intensity light.

Utilize your farmhouse & Room Space

  • Want to grow edibles at your living room or farmhouse?  With the right amount of lights & techniques , you can grow your own herbs, leafy greens, and small fruits indoors – even in small spaces. Different areas in your home will offer up varied levels of natural light.
  • We offer many sizes of set ups meet your needs; from tiny to gigantic. you can grow your own healthy food all year round and keep your vegetables fresh. It’s easy to install and personalized to suit your space and needs.

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About Keisha Greens

We Aim to provide a local, sustainable and environmentally-friendly supply chain of fresh produce to customers in India. We are so passionate about what we do that we decided to start our Greenhouse Structure & hydroponic farm development company, which is how we came up with the name 'Keisha greens'.


Why chose us?

What does We do for your Kithcen Garden?

Our team will walk you through all the steps involved in setting up a indoor farm for maximum productivity. We provide on-site training for all your need, so that you can be as efficient as possible.

Why should you go for Kitchen Garden?

We understand that there are plenty of concerns about your small farm, but we assure you that it is worth ! With our help, we can set up your Kitchen Garden using cutting edge technology, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

For Kithchen Garden We provide easy-to-assemble growers' kits that can be used everywhere you live, work, or dine, both outside and indoors to grow a range of fruits and vegetables, varying from traditional herbs to exotic edible blooms.

livery stables and grazing 2

We offer livery stables and grazing, summer stabling for eventing at Aston le Walls and other local events, and winter grazing for polo ponies. We also offer grassland management, in the form of advice, fertilising, harrowing and rolling, aeration spiking and grass re-seeding.

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Brands we work with

deals with national and international brands


We are India's leading Greenhouse Structure & Hydroponic farm development & management company. Our Expert team will walk you through the process from setting up the farm to high-yielding operation.