Greenhouse Farming Vs Traditional Farming: Which is More Profitable?

Are you confused as to which cultivation method gives the most yield? Here is the complete comparison between greenhouse farming and traditional farming.

What is Greenhouse Farming?

Greenhouse agriculture is the process of growing crops and vegetables in a greenhouse. This generally allows farmers to increase their performance and yields while improving product quality. Greenhouse agriculture protects crops from external threats such as certain pests and extreme weather events.

Greenhouse farming is also a way of growing fruits and vegetables native to warmer climates in their colder counterparts – for example, growing tomatoes in a greenhouse in Norway.

In greenhouses, light, ventilation, humidity, and temperature can all be controlled. This allows the farmer to create and provide optimal micro-ecosystems for their plants, helping them to grow strong, beautiful, nutritious, and tasty.

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Why Cultivate and Grow in a Greenhouse?

Well-implemented greenhouses in a controlled environment can be a low-cost solution to improving a farmer’s productivity and profitability in harsher climates. However, not all crops are suitable for greenhouse cultivation. Generally, crops that do well in greenhouses are those that require warm growing conditions or those that are quite delicate and only thrive under a very narrow range of environmental variables.

For example, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc..

Open Field Farming or Traditional Farming

In open-field farms, seeds are sown into the ground in a geometric pattern on a traditional farm, spaced out to give each plant the best chance of maturing. Smaller plants can be spaced just a few inches apart, but taller trees may need several feet of space all around them.

The number of plants that can fit on an acre of land limits a farm’s yield per acre. A farmer estimates farm yield by multiplying the number of plants by the average yield per plant. Farmers can sometimes get a higher yield if the weather is extremely favourable or if they use a strong fertilizer.

Which is more profitable? Greenhouse Farming or Traditional Farming

A Greenhouse farm may produce 40 times more amount of food than a traditional farm. There are many surveys & data that describe, the advantages of this approach to development are clear.

A greenhouse can typically achieve the same yield that traditional farming methods would require 40 acres to achieve in a single acre of space. It’s true: a vertical farm can produce 40 times more food than a traditional outdoor farm.